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For people the medical establishment has let down. This article will cure you of your TS.

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The Cure for Tourette's

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Tourette syndrome (TS) can be cured. The below information is not accepted by the medical establishment, why not you ask? Because they caused it.

You have to understand that medicine is big business, headed by big pharma and run by "doctors" that are more concerned by about how much money they can make rather than how many patients they can cure. If a doctor speaks out and questions the status quo they are sacked and replaced, and those that sing from the mainstream song-sheet the loudest get rewarded and moved into positions of power. Some doctors are very nice people with the right intentions, they have just learned their information from an institution riddled with corruption, with heavy links to pharmaceutical companies, and families like the Rothschilds.

A doctor's aim is to only provide treatments, not cures. Diabetes for example is very easily cured by losing weight and changing your diet. Mainstream doctors say the only treatment is injecting insulin, which actually destroys your pancreas which your body needs to cure your diabetes! Doctors refer to these type of patients as 'cash cows'. Take your health in your hands for a change, research natural cures for yourself and don't trust big pharma.

History has also shown us that the FDA is run by big pharma, here are just three of the hundreds of drugs put on the market that have found to have killed people or caused serious health issues, when this became too big to contain they were pulled from the market:

- Rofecoxib (aka Vioxx): pain killer, 5 years on the market removed in 2004. Nearly 30,000 deaths reported.

- Propoxyphene: pain killer, over 50 years on the market removed in 2010. Over 2000 deaths reported.

- Cisapride: heartburn, 7 years on the market, removed in 2000 after 70 deaths reported.

Of course how many deaths or heath effects go unreported?


Like any business, big pharma needs a constant flow of clients, patients. Pharmaceutical companies would not survive if they had no one to sell their drugs, vaccines or treatments too. Are pharma companies making people sick on purpose to perpetuate the cycle of big business, problem-reaction-solution? The more sick people there are the more money they make. Are they making sure people are always sick or will get sick so they can maintain their power over us? That question is for you to figure out. I have already come to my own conclusions.

Here is just 1 more example of the despicable, insidious medical establishment. One of the largest pharmaceutical and now food companies in the world - Bayer AG.

Bayer found out that some of their medical supplies were contaminated with HIV. Now any normal company would destroy those products and not sell them right? Not Bayer. They calculated that they would still make a profit by selling those HIV contaminated products - so much profit in fact that when people eventually found out they had contracted HIV from those products, and even if Bayer were sued in court by those people they would still make a profit! Of course many would die in the process and therefore not be able to sue, as suing a major corporation takes a lot of money and time . . .so that is how a major pharma company thinks. Of course Bayer makes insect spray, the contraceptive pill (they are very good at killing things). They were previously known as Ig Farben, who made the gas used in gas chambers in WW2. Bayer have recently merged with Monsanto, another insidious corporation that made Agent Orange for use in the Vietnam war, which caused horrendous health effects that the company still denies today. Monsanto also make GM foods and has major issues with their current cancer causing products such as glyphosate, all denied of course . . . .They are now jointly the biggest food company in the world. Think about that for 1 minute.


I have discovered what caused Tourette's in me, what started it, and in my opinion it is the root cause for many - if not all - Tourette's and related issues worldwide. It is controversial, as it up-ends established medical practice, they are complacent in it, and in my opinion have covered-up their mistakes.

My Tourette's

I had Tourette's Syndrome when I was younger, I was around 11 years old when the symptoms started, some of which were:

- Shaking/nodding of the head, sometimes very violently; - Shaking of my hands, particularly my left hand, I would twist my hand so as to often grind the bones in my wrist; - Uncontrollable noises / sounds, I would often swear but I managed to replace swearing with a type of grunting;

- Blowing air out of my nostrils as if something was stuck there; - Other repetitive movements like lifting of my shoulder, trying to get comfortable;

- Throwing my arm out to the side as if to punch someone, sometimes above my head;

- Excessive blinking and looking out the corner of my eye.

Some days the symptoms were very bad, worse when I was by myself, because no one was watching, so I didn't have to control or contain it as much. It was not until years later that I discovered what caused it. Perhaps I was too trusting of governmental institutions, the medical establishment and people such as doctors and dentists, in positions of authority. As a young boy I thought they knew best, I was very wrong.

The Dentist

When I was 11 years old I had my first of many mercury amalgam fillings. You know the silver looking fillings for tooth cavities.

I had several fillings, 6 or 7 that day (and about 12 in total) and when the dentist finished and after I went home that particular day, I noticed I still had a lot of tiny bits of the mercury filling material in my mouth which I spat out from time to time during the evening. I swallowed some of it too.

My Tourette's started 1 or 2 days later. After careful research I have found out that dentists have to take a lot of precautions to mix the amalgam for fillings, as this substance is very toxic! Even the bottle the amalgam comes in says toxic on the bottle! And they stick it in your mouth, and you have it there for the rest of your life!? Amalgam is often 50% pure mercury or more, and mercury is one of the most toxic substances there is, and requires very specific and arduous methods for cleaning up after a spillage. Mercury and its compounds are absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, and the toxic vapour can easily be inhaled. Research this for yourself.

The Cure

This cure and cause is not commonly spoken of because it will effect the medical and dentistry establishments considerably. As mercury is used in not only mercury fillings but widely used in vaccinations, I will list a few other ways mercury can enter the body below. I went through a mercury detox program, had my fillings removed (by a special dentist) and replaced with non-mercury amalgam fillings, I no longer took vaccinations (I also noticed my symptoms got worse after vaccinations) and surprise surprise - MY TOURETTE'S IS GONE.

It is without doubt that TS, OCD, severe anxiety and likely many other issues and 'neurological problems' are caused by mercury toxicity and heavy metal poisoning. It is common knowledge that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines, caused neuro-related birth defects in pregnant women many years ago - so why is it still being used and used even more so today?

My Protocol

The method that worked for me was:

1) Get your mercury amalgams removed, and do not take any further vaccinations. Note that when you get your amalgam fillings removed, your body will absorb some mercury during this process as minute pieces of mercury and vapour are scattered in your mouth as a result of your dentist taking out your amalgam fillings, this is unavoidable. Make sure you find a good dentist that limits this side-effect of removing the amalgams. So your symptoms of TS may get worse for a short time, but in the longterm they will get so much better as you will be removing the mercury from your body for good. If you don't have amalgam fillings then vaccinations was the likely entry point, if you didn't have any vaccinations when you were a baby (or growing up, which is very unlikely) then mercury would have entered by another avenue.

2) Undergo a heavy metal detox to remove all heavy metals from your body, (and the extra mercury that has been re-absorbed by your body during removal of the amalgam fillings), this is called chelation therapy, many procedures for this are widely available online. But as with anything bought online make sure it is from a reputable source. But can be done very cheaply and simply yourself: chollera tablets (pure tablets) are very good, fresh parsley and coriander are good at eliminating heavy metals from your body. You can even start this before you remove your amalgams or if you don't have fillings as soon as you can. The sooner you start the better.

Make a 'health shake' each morning and take this 3 times a day for at least 1 week, even longer if necessary. The shake should contain only pure mineral water (from glass bottles) and a lot of the coriander, parsley and chollera, blend this together. It would be also best to soak the parsley and coriander herbs overnight to remove any pesticides. Also you don't want to be re-ingesting heavy metals so watch what you consume during that time. Eliminate all forms of possible heavy metal ingestion. Don't have any HFCS containing food or drinks.

3) After the week or so of chelation therapy. Undergo a thorough fruit fast, which gets rid of any remaining heavy metals and toxins. This should last at least 10 days (but can be longer if you wish, up to 30 days for some people depending how severe your problem is). During which time you also undergo hydrotherapy to remove further toxins. Your body is undergoing a very deep cleanse. Research 'fasting' and its effects before you start. If you are severely overweight or obese, and don't 'fast' properly and slowly you can go into something called toxic shock and die from toxic overload (this is rare). So be careful. Information is power so get informed.

4) After the fast is over, you will feel amazing, like a huge weight has been lifted from you and in effect it has both physically and mentally. Have going forward a diet that consists of healthy organic fresh food and limit any heavy metal and mercury containing food and products as much as possible.

From that point forward continue to take a good look at your diet and limit all possible ways heavy metals and specifically mercury may enter your body, and remove all possible ingestion pathways.

You need a 3 week or 4 week plan minimum, read as much as you can about fasting, here's a good website to start with:


You need to plan your diary well. There's no point starting a fruit fast then going out to meet friends for a drink in the local pub, night out or for lunch, you will get tempted and easily stray from your goal, in a fruit fast you are only drinking raw organic fruit juice made by you. You need to take it seriously. The first 3 days are by far the most difficult.

During the 'fast' take complete control of your diet, read as much information as you can to help you understand the changes that will happen to your body. Start slow. Don't drink any tap water, coffee, alcohol etc, drink only fresh organic fruit juice prepared by you from whole fruits (and drink plenty of glass bottled mineral water). Stay away from watermelons (these are often injected with sugar and red colouring). Don't eat any processed foods etc no sugar, salt, canned food etc. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contains mercury, and HFCS is in practically everything that is processed. Do not use fluoride toothpaste - fluoride is a neurotoxin added to not only our tap water but to toothpaste, you can buy non-fluoride toothpaste from many health food shops, or use baking soda to brush your teeth with. Fluoride can be contaminated with heavy metals too - fluoride is a byproduct of the chemical industry (research a little about fluoride and you will be shocked). Do not consume aspartame containing food or drinks too, as this is also a nasty neurotoxin which is of course added to our food and drink! I wonder why so many neurotoxins are added to our food and drinks? Aspartame has been linked to many neuro-related problems and makes TS much worse.

Your body will heal itself once the mercury and/or heavy metals are removed from your body.

Again all the information of what you need to do is available - you need to spend a lot of time to know what to not eat and drink and prepare for your body to have changes, positive changes that is. Sauna's and hydrotherapy are also needed to be taken during the 'fast'. Fasting is difficult, but if you want to get better this is the cure and it is very cheap to do. All it takes is time, a few weeks out of your life.

And lastly, you can also have your tap water checked for heavy metals - as this could be contaminated with chromium or possibly mercury, lead has similar properties to mercury also, some houses still have lead piping. If several members of your family have Tourette's then this is possibly the source, genetics plays a part, sensitivity to metals runs in the family.


Mercury and it's compounds are found in many products worldwide, apart from amalgam fillings and vaccinations it is also found in:

- high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) - which is in much processed food and drinks, particularly in sweet things which targets children. Concentrations can be very high,

- in antidepressants and antipsychotic medication. There is a medical term called 'Tardive Dyskinesia' which is a common side effect of using these drugs, and symptoms are the same as TS,

- over the counter drugs, such as antiseptics (mercury is easily absorbed by the skin),

- laxatives,

- contact lens solutions and eye drops (it's used as a preservative),

- it can be leached into the water supply. If you remember the movie 'Erin Brockovich' it's about water being contaminated by Chromium compounds (a different toxic metal) and caused neuro problems and negative health effects for those that drank it. Denied by the water company of course. Lead was used for water pipes many years ago, so if you live in an old house then get your water checked out.

- deep sea fish (such as tuna),

- fluorescent light bulbs (be careful when you handle these),

- various topical medications and ointments (eg, skin whitening products),

- others, it's important to research specifically for yourself, perhaps your job brings you into contact with heavy metals - like welding, the above is not a complete list.

A small dose of mercury may have no noticeable heath effect on most people, but mercury builds up over time and if you get another hit of mercury from something like a filling or by eating food that contains HFCS then you might feel the effect, the bigger the dose the bigger chance of a problem. As an analogy - it is like smoking - you might not get cancer after a few smokes but after years and years of smoking you'll likely get lung cancer, but not everyone will. With mercury the substance is very highly toxic, one of the most toxic - for example if you're a baby and get a vaccination (vaccinations causes cot death in many babies) you will get a dose of mercury which may or may not effect you but by the time you are 5 or 6 years old and had 20 vaccinations then that is more than enough to cause a huge medical problem. Perhaps if you are less sensitive then you will get problems after 10 or 11 years of age after your 30th vaccination or if you have more amalgam fillings (of course the age children normally develop TS) then it is too much for your body to deal with and you will get a major neuro problem. The gardasil vaccine has caused a huge number of problems in girls (girls often develop TS at 13/14 years old, the same age as getting this vaccine, no coincidence). This has been covered up greatly by the medical establishment.

I had a booster vaccination at 21 years old, and a few hours later I developed a new facial tic! Proving once and for all it is mercury that causes TS.

Note: I am anti-vax not because the theory of vaccination is wrong, I believe the theory is relatively sound. It is the preservatives and added ingredients to vaccines which are the major problem, things like mercury, animal cells (monkey, mice, pig, dog kidneys), formaldehyde, aluminium and polysorbate to mention only a few.


'Mad as a Hatter'

Do you remember the old expression "as mad as a hatter"? Do you know how this expression started? Well, hat makers many, many years ago used mercury to polish / shine hats, particularly top hats. It was impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off during this process. Hatters often suffered mercury poisoning as the mercury vapour caused neurological damage and all the symptoms of Tourette's (this was concentrated mercury they were dealing with here), shaking of the head, swearing / shouting and other uncontrollable bodily movements were very common amongst hatters - hence "as mad as a hatter." Welders also often suffer neurological damage and tics from exposure to metal (normally manganese) fumes, manganese poisoning is very similar to Parkinson's disease too. Also Alzheimer's disease is caused by too much aluminium, another metal found in vaccines. Different metals cause slightly different neuro problems.

So you can see that Mercury causes Tourette's syndrome in people that are sensitive to mercury or that have been "accidentally" poisoned by mercury. Remove the mercury and you will remove Tourette's.

Dr Andrew Wakefield discovered that mercury in vaccines also causes autism in many children, what was his reward? He was disbarred! Autism is another neuro-related problem.


Further Causes

I have spent a long time analysing and studying TS, as I had it. And as they say the truth is often stranger than fiction. There are indeed some other causes for TS which I outline below. Again all disregarded by the mainstream medical establishment.

- I was made aware of a book by Dr Edith Fiore called 'The Unquiet Dead'. This is a book written by a mainstream professional psychologist. Another is 'Healing Lost Souls' by Dr Baldwin, there are many others. In summary, they discovered that people's bodies can be entered by other spirits, spirits of dead people. Dr Fiore sights hundreds of examples she found from her own clients under hypnosis. For example, if say your mother died it is possible for the spirit of your mother to enter you after her death in some situations. I know this sounds strange but read the book! And if your mother was an alcoholic, then you can pick up that problem also and develop a drinking problem. Soldiers also can get the spirit of the "enemy" they have killed to enter them (perhaps they killed them during a war or some conflict) then that spirit will cause havoc in the soldier's body, they may constantly see the face of who they killed in dreams or in a mirror, it may even cause that soldier to shoot themselves in a suicide or their own family as a sick type of revenge - all documented cases by Dr Fiore and others. Some types of tics can be caused by negative spirits that have entered you, in which case you need to undergo some hypnosis and regression to get this removed. Hearing voices can be voices of the dead or negative type spirits. Crystal healing has also helped this.

- Aboriginal beliefs. Australian aboriginal people also believe that spirits of the dead can enter the body of the living and cause many health problems (which confirms what mainstream psychologists like Dr Fiore and others have discovered). If you kill an animal particularly birds the spirit of the bird you killed has the right to enter your body and take it over to a certain extent, and will make you do negative things to yourself as revenge, ie, make you say embarrassing things, or strange sounds, make you whistle, move your head side to side, clucking, shouting - very similar symptoms to TS. Holographic Kinetics is an alternative healing method that works in this instance.

- Jacques Martel explains in his best selling alternative heath compendium, 'The complete dictionary of ailments and diseases' that people that are very emotional are more likely to develop tics and that it may have been caused by repressing very strong emotions which then affect the body, eg having a very rigid education or overbearing authority figure in your life, suppression of a family secret. eg, forbidden to move in church and now your body rebels against that and tics as a result. If your jaw tics it would be because you were told to shut up often as a child, the unexpressed rage is released as a tic. The tic is like speaking in silence. By understanding this you can help to heal yourself. The book goes into more details and is related to giving and accepting love. In short, the love you withhold is the pain you carry, lifetime after lifetime.


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